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Residential Portland Landscape Maintenance

Quality Yard Maintenance Services

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your landscape or would you like to maintain its design? Properties of any size and shape have the potential to look beautiful. A little landscaping can not only beautify your property, but it can also enhance your property’s value. At Evergreen Tree Services, we offer the maintenance of landscapes of all sizes. We even have certified arborists on our Portland landscaping staff who can oversee your project to ensure the right types of trees and plants are chosen and planted.

Certified Arborists & Experienced Tree Care

Our Portland lawn maintenance and tree care staff is experienced and knowledgeable about the type of care each tree and planting requires to stay healthy. In addition to tree care and removal, our landscape maintenance service includes yard work, lawn care, and mowing, weeding, edging, tree management, and pruning.

When you hire our Portland landscape maintenance team, we can show up on a set schedule to maintain fertilization, mulch, pruning, and spraying for pesticides if necessary. If you are concerned about the exterior of your home, we can also provide you with leaf raking and gutter cleaning services.

To make an appointment for a Portland landscape maintenance service or to learn more, call us now at (503) 694-3044 for a free quote.

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