Is Deep Root Fertilization Necessary in Sherwood, OR?  

When trees grow naturally in the wild, they enjoy access to healthy soils with all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Contrarily, trees in urban settings face countless challenges, from compacted soils to pollution. Most of these landscape trees lack the ideal conditions for their healthy growth.  

That’s where deep root fertilization comes in. As Sherwood’s tree service of choice, Evergreen Tree Services explores the need for additional fertilization and answers the question, “Is deep root fertilization necessary?”

What Is Deep Root Fertilization?  

Deep root fertilization is a technique used to deliver nutrients directly to the root zone of trees and shrubs.   

The process involves injecting fertilizer directly into the soil beneath the tree canopy, allowing the plant’s roots to absorb nutrients more effectively than, say, sprinkling or scattering fertilizer on the soil surface.  

Signs Your Trees Could Benefit From Deep Root Fertilization

When trees lack the proper nutrients for growth and survival, they become malnourished and eventually die. Stay alert for the following symptoms that your trees need supplemental fertilization:  

  • Reduced foliage or floral output  
  • Defoliation, or the tree losing its leaves  
  • Yellowing, light green, or pale leaves  
  • Unusually small leaves  
  • Dead spots on leaves  
  • Slow or minimal growth  
  • General dieback  

If your trees exhibit any of the above symptoms, seek professional advice about the need to fertilize the trees or shrubs in your landscape.  

Is deep root fertilization necessary? By feeding nutrients directly to the root system of an already struggling tree, deep root fertilization helps to restore your tree and keep it healthy for years.  

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization  

Deep root fertilization recreates the conditions a tree would usually have in nature. That way, backyard trees can stay healthy and vibrant.   

Unlike surface fertilization, deep root fertilization allows the tree’s entire root system to absorb nutrients and transport them to the rest of the tree over time. Additional benefits of this fertilization technique include:  

  • Optimizes soil condition and nutrient content  
  • Promotes healthy foliage  
  • Reduces soil compaction  
  • Maximizes resistance to pests and diseases  
  • Stimulates growth of the canopy and encourages flowering  
  • Helps to aerate the soil   
  • Prevents discoloration or yellowing of leaves caused by a lack of chlorophyll  

Incorporating deep root fertilization into your maintenance routine provides the best conditions for the trees and shrubs in your landscape.   

Several factors determine the best time to fertilize trees. For example, you need to do a detailed soil analysis before fertilization. The condition of the trees and shrubs you plan to fertilize matters as well.  

Overall, proper deep root fertilization requires advanced knowledge of tree growth and skills that you would expect only a seasoned tree care professional to possess. 

Trust Your Local Tree Experts  

Is deep root fertilization necessary? Yes. Choose Evergreen Tree Services to experience excellence in tree care and landscaping.   

We offer the following premium services at affordable rates:  

  • Tree trimming and pruning  
  • Tree removal  
  • Tree planting  
  • Lot clearing  

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