What to Do With Branches After Pruning in Portland, OR: Five Ideas

Proper pruning, which promotes air circulation and redirects resources within the tree, keeps your trees healthy, beautiful, and safe. However, after pruning, you have to deal with leftover branches, and you’re not alone if you find yourself wondering what to do with them. 

Below, Evergreen Tree Services, a trusted tree trimming service in Portland, provides five creative ideas on what to do with branches after pruning.

#1 Make a Raised Garden Bed

Once an arborist creates a pruning cut, they’ll often chop up a large branch into small chunks. You could use these pieces to create a raised garden bed. 

One major advantage of such a garden is that its wooden structure will often last for many years. The wood is thicker than the planks from your local hardware store. Plus, since you haven’t treated the wood, you won’t have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into the soil or compromising your ability to plant vegetables for consumption.

#2 Build a Rustic Wattle Fencing

You can easily turn pruned branches into rustic wattle fencing, which does an excellent job as bed edging. Why not use branches of different trees to create this type of fence or edging barrier? The result will be a fascinating selection of decorative effects.

If you’re thinking of propagating the trees, pruned branches of trees like willows develop roots easily. You can use such branches to create new hedgerows or living fences for your garden. 

#3 Make a Cloche Frame or Tunnel

Have you thought about bending pliable branches to create a cloche frame or tunnel? 

What’s a cloche frame, you ask? A cloche is simply a covering, usually made out of cloth, for protecting your plants from cold temperatures. You spread this cloth over the frame made from the pruned branches. 

#4 Use the Pruned Branches as Plant Support

Are you still at a loss on what to do with branches after pruning? Consider using strong branches to build trellises and other plant supports. 

Put stronger branches as uprights for a trellis structure, and weave the smaller, more pliable counterparts at intervals between them to serve as a climbing structure for your vining plants. You also have the option of making the uprights of a trellis out of two long, straight branches and stringing natural twine between them.

#5 Turn the Branches Into Pieces of Art

If you’re artistically gifted, why not use the branches for interesting works of art? Think hangings and garden sculptures, with pliable pruned branches being a perfect medium for weaving unique baskets!

It’s worth noting that you can’t reuse all pruned branches. If the wood has an infection or infestation, discard it.

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