When Is the Best Time To Trim Trees in Portland, OR?

Keeping your trees healthy and beautiful seems like a never-ending task. However, you will need to time your maintenance efforts correctly to maximize their benefits.

With this thought in mind, one question many tree owners usually ask is, “When is the best time to trim trees?”

If this is something you often wonder about, then you have come to the right place. Read on to learn the best time of the year to schedule professional trimming and pruning services from Evergreen Tree Service, the trusted tree trimming service in Portland.

Why Trimming Is Important

Most tree owners know that they should trim their trees often. However, few understand why doing so is crucial.

Regularly trimming your trees will keep them looking beautiful. However, helping you maintain your tree’s visual appeal is not the only benefit tree trimming offers.

It Improves Your Tree’s Health

Did you know that trimming can improve disease prevention? By opening up your tree’s canopy, you allow light and air to spread throughout the entire tree. As a result, you ensure your tree stays healthy and disease-free.

It Enhances Safety

A tree with overgrown branches can quickly become an accident waiting to happen. The heavy limbs can fall at any time, potentially injuring you or damaging your property. Fortunately, trimming your trees helps you create a safer environment.

When Is the Best Time To Trim Your Trees?

Given how beneficial it is, regular tree trimming should be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, knowing when to do it can sometimes be confusing.

When is the best time to trim trees? Generally, experts recommend scheduling your tree’s trimming during the winter months.

Let’s unpack a few reasons why you can never go wrong with mid to late winter pruning.

Your Trees Are Dormant

Most tree owners know winter is the dormant season. Between November and March, most trees become dormant and are less susceptible to disease and insects. As such, pruning them during this time won’t interfere with their growth.

In fact, doing so actually encourages new growth when spring rolls around. It also helps with oak wilt avoidance.

The Lack of Leaves Helps

Trimming in late winter makes the work more efficient. Since the tree has few to no leaves, professionals can easily identify the branches that need removing.

Trees Heal Faster

Trees trimmed during winter tend to heal faster than those trimmed in warm months. By the time spring arrives, you can rest easy knowing your tree will be ready to bloom.

Professional Tree Trimming in Portland, OR

Honestly, you can trim your trees any time of the year. However, doing it at the right time will help you enjoy all the benefits of trimming dead branches.

When is the best time to trim trees? The short answer is between mid to late winter. Reaching out to our skilled team during this time will help keep your tree lush and healthy for years to come. Call Evergreen Tree Services at 503-625-4595 to request your free estimate today.

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