How To Cut Branches From High Tree Sections in Portland, OR

Trees require routine pruning to stay healthy, but trimming tall trees isn’t easy. If you’re trying to figure out how to cut a tree branch from a high tree section, you’ve come to the right place. Below, our expert team from Evergreen Tree Services, a trusted tree trimming company in Portland, discusses everything you need to know about pruning tall trees. 

how to cut a tree branch from high tree

Options for Removing High Tree Branches Yourself

Tree health care and pruning go hand in hand. In almost all cases, you should call a professional to handle the job, but if you decide to tackle tree trimming on your own, you must exercise extreme caution. 

While you could conceivably climb a ladder for easy access to the offending branch, ladders become less stable the higher you go, especially when propped against trees, which are rounded instead of flat. 

Bucket lifts reduce the risks of falls, but you’ll have to pay for the rental. At that price, it’s better to hire a professional tree service company instead. 

If you want to avoid heights and fall risks, you can use a few different tools. For example, pole pruners and pole saws extend your trimming capabilities, allowing you to reach high branches from the ground. Still, you risk the dangers of falling branches. 

Another option would be rope saws, which allow you to toss a rope over the tree from ground level, providing a serrated edge that you can rub back and forth on the branch. However, you would still face risks of injury from branch falls.

Choosing the Correct Tree Branches To Remove

When learning how to cut branches from high tree sections, you must also understand which branches to cut. In general, you shouldn’t remove more than a quarter of the tree’s canopy, as this can harm its ability to create food. Neither should you remove too many branches from one side, as this may cause the tree to topple over. 

Making the Right Cuts When Pruning

As you remove tree limbs, pay careful attention to the cuts you make. Remove branches just above the lateral bud, and leave around six inches of the branch rather than cutting straight to the trunk. 

Choosing the Right Time for Pruning

The frequency of pruning depends on the tree species. Some trees need trimming every couple of years, while others rarely need it. The best time of year for pruning is usually between late fall and early spring, so the tree has time to prepare for the growth season. 

Your Best Option When Removing High Tree Branches

If you want to know how to cut branches from high tree sections without any risks or safety hazards, consult one of our certified professionals for expert advice or to schedule an inspection. Our pruners will assess your tree’s health, make the right cuts, and know what to do with branches after pruning. Call Evergreen Tree Services today at (503) 625-4595 for expert tree branch removal services.

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