Will a Tree Stump Regrow in Lake Oswego, OR?

When you cut down a tree, you don’t want it to grow back. Many choose to eliminate the tree stump to prevent this. 

While you may have heard of this practice, you may be wondering if it makes sense. Will a tree stump regrow, or is the regrowth of tree stumps a rumor? 

Unfortunately, the answer is less straightforward than a simple yes or no. Keep reading to explore this question and discover if you need tree services in Lake Oswego to help remove your trees and tree stumps. 

What Is Stump Grinding?

Stump grinding is the process of grinding up the stump of a tree until it is completely destroyed. The goal of stump grinding is usually to prevent stump re-sprouting and create a cleaner curb appeal. 

Will a Tree Stump Regrow?

Tree stump regeneration is possible if the stump is still present. However, the actual risk depends on a few factors. 


A tree can only grow back from a stump if it still has a healthy root system. If the root system is already dying or if it is no longer attached to the stump, the tree will likely not grow back. 

Stump sprouting can only happen if the root system is healthy. A fully developed root system that extends through the ground will often do this. In these situations, the root system will stay alive and send sprouts up to regrow the tree. 

Tree Type

The root systems of different trees handle things differently. Many root systems will simply die off once the tree is gone. 

However, some are more persistent. These tree species often have root systems that will stay alive. Because of this, these trees will need special care to prevent them from regrowing. 

Persistent trees include:

  • Myrtles
  • Elms
  • Poplars
  • Maples
  • Oaks
  • Willows
  • Chinese pistache trees

Soil Fertility

The quality of the soil also impacts tree stump regrowth. Healthy and nutrient-rich soil gives a tree a chance at growing back, while compacted, poor-quality soil will prevent it. 

How To Prevent Regrowth

If you want the answer to “Will a tree stump regrow?” to be no, there are some basic steps you can take to prevent tree regrowth. You can cut off tree sprouts as they appear or spray the area with herbicides. However, cutting sprouts requires constant vigilance, and spraying herbicides can hurt nearby plants. 

The best method to prevent regrowth is to utilize professional tree services. Professionals can grind the stump and then go on to attack the tree roots. By the end, there will be nothing left to allow the tree to regenerate. 

Eliminate Tree Regrowth with Professional Tree Services

Can stumps regrow into trees? The answer is yes. 

However, you can stop this process with Evergreen Tree Services. We’re experts at exploring “How deep do tree roots go?” and cutting off the growing process. With us, the answer to “Will a tree stump regrow?” turns from yes to no. 

Need to remove a tree but want to make sure it doesn’t come back? Trust the experts at Evergreen Tree Services in Lake Oswego, OR, for help. Call us today at 503-625-4595.

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