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Your trees improve the beauty of your home and even your entire neighborhood. They increase your property value, add shade and can improve air quality, among other benefits. So yes, you want there to be trees in your yard.

What you don’t want are diseased trees and damaged trees. These can be unattractive and dangerous, leaving your family, your home and your property at risk for injury and damage. If you have any of these you will need Lake Oswego tree removal services.

You should keep your trees regularly maintained so they are more beneficial than harmful, but sometimes the need to remove them arises and there is nothing else to be done. There are a number of reasons you could possibly need tree removal services.

Lake Oswego Tree Removal

These reasons give you an idea of why you need tree removal. They also should prove to you the importance of having a professional take care of your tree removal task for you. We can complete your tree removal and provide you with other tree care services as well.

Maintaining the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. Your visitors, friends, family, and neighbors notice your yard and landscape on a regular basis. We can help you design a landscape that will make you proud of what they see. At Evergreen Tree Services, we offer professional Lake Oswego tree care and landscape maintenance to customers throughout the surrounding area.

All About a City of Lake Oswego Tree Removal Permit

Lake Oswego Tree Removal Permit

Whatever service we are tasked with we always work by adhering to the tree code. The aLke Oswego Tree Code aims to protect trees and to preserve the area’s wooded character. The code regulates all tree removals. It encourages and assists owners of large forested properties, and it prescribes protection measures to avoid tree damage whenever there is site development.

When it comes to tree removal, there may be a need for a permit. All trees with a diameter at breast height of more than 6 inches will require a permit for removal. This is just for stumps and not for hedges and shrubs. Our expert team knows which plants fall into these classifications and can best advise you if there is a need for a permit.

Permits are only required for the removal of trees. There is no need to obtain a permit for regular maintenance such as pruning. If we have to top a tree or remove more than 50% of the existing tree or do anything that may result in the death of the tree, then it is considered a removal. Removal of trees without a permit is subject to enforcement action.

Emergency and Invasive tree permits are free but other types of tree permits come at a cost. This cost will depend on the type of tree permits required and can run from $20 and up.

Insightful Tree Care Professionals

You want your trees and your entire property to be taken care of by the best. So let our team at Evergreen Tree Services fulfill your needs. Our team includes ISA Certified Arborists who guide the entire process. There is also a range of plant care professionals on hand that are knowledgeable and experienced in caring for plants in the area. Together we can provide all the professional tree care your property needs.

Our Lake Oswego certified arborists and tree care team do a lot more than show up and get the job done. When called to perform a tree removal, we take the time to inspect your property. We also meet with you to learn about your unique preferences and needs. Then we use the information gathered to provide you with recommendations for your property. All of us are committed to fulfilling the needs of our customers with a variety of landscaping and tree care services in Lake Osewaaga and surrounding areas.

To learn more about our Lake Oswego tree removal services or our process, call us now.

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