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Just like with any other part of your home or property, your yard and landscape need to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis to ensure it is thriving. This is where a professional tree service Beaverton provider comes in.

Not only can regular landscape maintenance help your yard look its best, but it can also help our professional tree care specialists to determine if there are any issues with your trees before they spread. At Evergreen Tree Services, we offer Beaverton tree services that are intended to extend the life of your trees and plants.

Why Is Maintenance Necessary?

Throughout the year, the weather and a variety of other factors can affect your property and landscape. It is important to have our team come out regularly to take care of your yard, ensure your trees are healthy and surviving, and to plant new flowers or trees as the seasons change.

Tree Maintenance and Tree Service Beaverton

You want your plants to look their best but they often need a little help from us. Yes, there are countless trees growing without any help from humans but when it comes to creating an aesthetically pleasing landscape, the right help from the professionals makes a big difference.

Throughout the year, the weather and a variety of other factors can affect your property and landscape. It is important to have our team come out regularly to take care of your yard, ensure your trees are healthy and surviving, and to plant new flowers or trees as the seasons change.

It is important to shape young trees from early on so that they can grow with a strong and sturdy structure. With the correct maintenance young trees will develop and maintain hardiness for the future. They should be professionally pruned at regular intervals to eliminate unnecessary turn divisions, branch offshoots and to promote a turn that is sound. This gives your young trees a solid base so they are better at withstanding the elements. They will have a longer lifespan and you won’t have to worry about them falling or damaging property.

Pruning your trees not only helps them to grow strong but also provides better airflow. When your trees are properly pruned there will be spaces between leaves and branches allowing air to flow through a tree. This is helpful during windy conditions as the air pressure is released without putting too much pressure on the tree itself. More movement of air keeps branches healthy and helps them to move freely and be more flexible. They will thereby appear more vibrant and as a result, healthier.

Tree maintenance has a very big role in safety. By pruning to remove weak and dead branches you reduce the risk of these falling and injuring persons or damaging property. If a storm hits, your unpruned trees will likely leave a lot of debris behind whereas pruned trees will not.

With regular ongoing tree maintenance, you can avoid major post-storm cleanup and emergency tree removal projects. You can keep your trees healthy and looking good and you will save money in the long run while doing so as well.

It is important to let professionals handle your tree pruning needs as incorrectly pruning trees can severely wound them. When trees become wounded they never heal fully and so they will always have that point of weakness which is always a cause for concern.

Tree Removal Beaverton

Tree Removal Beaverton Professional at Work

Many property owners don’t know just what tree removal in Beaverton entails. You know well cared for trees look great and you know they are sometimes a hassle giving you leaves to rake and branches and twigs to clear. There are a number of reasons you may need tree removal services. These include disease, storms and changing your landscape.

Different properties will have different layouts and so tree removal is unique to each property. That is why you need a team of professionals to get the job done. The task can range from easy to difficult depending on the size of the tree, the location of the tree and the proximity of other trees and objects to the tree being removed.

The Best Time for Tree Removal

Tree Removal is always the last resort. If there is ever the chance to save a tree we will recommend these options to you first. However, there are times when the tree’s damage is simply too much and the best option is to remove the tree.

The best time to remove a tree is before it falls and causes injury or damage. A lot of times you may not be able to tell from just looking that a tree is a potential hazard. That is why you need professionals to assess the situation and give you the best options. If in doubt, get your property assessed by a certified Arborist from our team here at Evergreen Tree Services.

Sometimes the tree that needs to be removed is a well-loved tree. It may be a tree that you grew up with and you have fond memories of, which can be difficult.

Then there are those instances when you are not even certain if there is a real need to remove a particular tree. Before you make any decisions, you should contact us so one of our Certified Arborists can do an assessment. With their evaluation you know you are getting an expert opinion of the best thing to do with the tree.

Remember that tree removal is most often a last resort and if there is any workaround to removing a tree we can let you know what the proposed plan is for saving or removing the tree. Whatever the situation, after assessing your trees and property we come up with a proposed Tree Care Plan. With your approval, the plan is actioned and implemented.

What is a tree care plan and why do you need one?

The Importance of a Professionally Established Tree Care Plan

We recommend meeting with our Beaverton tree care specialists to discuss your needs and your budget. We can put together a plan that will incorporate all of your needs and address any concerns you have about your trees and landscape. With certified arborists and a variety of trained professionals on our team, we have the experience and knowledge to get and keep your landscape healthy and beautiful.

A Tree care plan is established so we can show you the relationship between any of your current landscaping items and our proposed changes. We create and share a tree care plan with you to ensure that both parties are on the same page and we are in fact giving you the outcome that you want or the agreed best outcome for your property. In most cases, your desired outcome is achieved with just a couple of tweaks based on expert opinions of our Arborists when necessary.

Our team of professionals has the ability to design both long term and short term tree care plans. With the right plan, you can save money and time necessary to have healthy and beautiful trees on your property.

The care plan will have more specifics based on the needs of your property and will include timelines and schedules for the various services to be implemented. The above are our core services within a tree care plan. We even offer raking and gutter cleaning services if necessary.

Whether you need to have a decayed tree removed or you would like your plants and trees pruned and trimmed, we can help. We have a great deal of knowledge and experience dealing with all different types of trees and plants throughout the Beaverton area.

Give us a call now to request a free quote or to make an appointment for the tree service Beaverton needs.

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