What Does a Certified Arborist Do?

Certified Arborists are Equipped Properly for the Task

A certified Arborist is a tree care professional who has taken the additional step after education and working in the field of tree care. One of the most popular certifications you will hear about is the ISA Certification. So you will hear of an ISA-certified arborist. The certification is offered by the International Society of Arboriculture, which is passed on to the individual after they successfully pass the extensive exam.

The Process of Certification

To sit the required exam for ISA certification, the individual must meet the prerequisites. These, of course, are not the same all across the board, but there are some general ones. Others may differ based on the type or level of certification that the individual is pursuing. Each level or type may have prerequisites that are unique to them. Here are some prerequisite examples:

  • A minimum of 2 years of full-time work experience in the field of arboriculture
  • Proof of education and training
  • Experience in specialties

If an individual passes their exam and receives certification, they must adhere to the code of ethics that is outlined by the Certification body - The ISA. This ensures that consumers are dealt with fairly and safely, and all employees and surrounding environments are cared for in the appropriate manner.

Are All Arborists the Same?

The answer to this is a resounding no. If you have trees on your property and are considering hiring an Arborist, it is important to be able to tell the difference between professionals offering tree care and maintenance services. A certified arborist knows how to properly evaluate and diagnose plant species, pests, diseases, and care required. Not all arborists are qualified to give all care. There may be some that are only able to assess particular types of trees and diseases. But if you get a certified arborist, you will stand a better chance of getting the right evaluation, diagnosis, and recommendation for your tree. If you think your tree is diseased, you will need an arborist that is qualified as a tree disease evaluation and treatment specialist.

Why Hire a Certified Arborist?

Why Choose Us as a Certified Arborist

If you have a problem with the wiring in your home, you contact a licensed electrician, right? If your pipes freeze over and are damaged, you seek out an experienced and licensed plumber. So why not choose a certified arborist when your trees need care? You need that proven knowledge and experience to take care of your trees and other plant life on your premises. Healthy plants are beautiful plants, and we all know your plants can improve your property value. A certified arborist knows everything from how to treat diseases to infestations, and so much more. Your trees need the right care, so here is why you should hire a certified arborist to take care of all your tree’s needs:

  1. They are Trained in Proper Tree Care

    Arborists are trained in the science and the art of proper tree care, tree maintenance, tree planting, and tree removal. A certified arborist is all about nurturing your trees, and they are equipped to perform multiple services.

  2. Their Expertise will Help You Protect Your Investment

    Trees do more than give you great curb appeal, they also add some property value. If you take proper care of your trees, they can provide substantial returns. Poorly maintained trees will prove to be a significant liability.

  3. They Care for Trees Safely

    When it comes to tree care, improper care can be detrimental to the tree and can cause harm and injury to you or others on your property. This is especially true for large trees. Certified arborists take care when pruning, trimming, and removing trees to minimize damage and injury. They understand the complexities of each job and come to a job site equipped to safely complete the task at hand. And that leads us to our next reason.

  4. They Have the Right Tools

    No matter what your tree job is, a certified arborist will have the right tools for the job. Not only do they have the tools to do the job the right way, but they also have the tools and equipment to get the job done safely, which is the most important aspect.

  5. They are Equipped for Storm Damage

    If you have a storm, your trees can often suffer some amount of damage. A certified arborist will be equipped to clean up and do any trimming and pruning that is necessary to make your property safe. They will also diagnose trees that may need to be removed due to the degree of damage suffered.

If you are in Portland and looking for certified arborist services, look no further than Evergreen Tree Services. We have a certified arborist on staff ready to help you get your trees in the best shape possible. Give us a call today.