How to Find a Good Tree Trimming Service

What should you look for in a tree trimming service in your area? Here are the top 10 questions you should ask any potential service providers you are considering:

  1. What are your credentials?
  2. Where can I find references?
  3. Can you provide a detailed estimate?
  4. How will you approach my job and what kind of equipment will you use?
  5. How long will this project take?
  6. Do you have insurance?
  7. Can you provide me with an up-to-date copy of your insurance certificate?
  8. Can you provide me with a copy of your work contract?
  9. What is the average cost for a job of this nature?
  10. Are you bonded?

Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Trimming

Q: What is the Cost of Tree Trimming?

A: You can expect to pay between $200 and $760 for tree trimming. If your tree is under 30 feet tall, you could pay less. Larger trees that are over 60 feet tall can be rather expensive, with prices easily going above $1000.

Q: Must I Hire a Bonded Tree Trimmer?

A: It is the law in most states to do go with someone bonded, so if you choose not to, you are putting yourself at risk of liability for damages and hurt and injury lawsuits. This is an extra measure of protection, and we advise that you follow it.

Q: If A Company Charges Hourly, What Charges Can I Expect?

A: There are some services that can add to the cost of tree trimming. For example, if you want emergency trimming, you may need to pay an emergency fee that can be approximately $250 per hour. If you have a dead tree with broken limbs or have a large live tree with broken or dead limbs, you can pay up to $1000 per hour or even more. It all depends on your needs and the amount of risk for the tree care service providers.

Q: Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Removal Services?

A: Homeowners Insurance covers tree removal costs if the tree falls onto your house or any other structure that is covered. In such a case, removal is typically covered. Elective tree removal may not be covered. Check with your insurance provider to verify what is covered and what isn't.

Q: How Can I Tell If my Tree Service Provider of Choice is Insured?

A: You can check out the TCIA website and you can ask the provider. You can also verify credentials on the ISA Arbor website.

Q: Is it Cheaper to Trim a Tree or to Cut It Down?

A: Removing a small tree will cost less than removing a tree that is 80 feet tall. If your tree has nothing or almost nothing around it, that will also make it easier to remove and less costly too. If your tree is larger and close to other foliage, both services can be expensive. It all just depends on your specific circumstances. Ask for quotations for both services, and take the expert advice of the arborist as to how to proceed.

Q: Why is Tree Trimming Services so Expensive?

A: Arborists don't just trim trees. They remove dead trees, dead limbs, and other tree parts that, in their experience, are dangerous to the plant itself, surrounding plants, your house, or other structures nearby. Their job is a high-risk one, and the risk involved is both to them, to you, and to your property. One wrong cut could spell disaster, which you want to avoid at all costs, even with insurance coverage.

Q: What is the Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning?

A: In tree pruning, the expert removes any unnecessary branches from the tree, while tree trimming promotes healthy tree growth. Both of these services are performed at different times of the year and also require different equipment.

Tips for Getting the Best Tree Trimming Service

A certified arborist has been educated in the proper way to safely prune, trim and remove trees. They also stay abreast of the latest research and innovation within their industry. So if you are wondering why you need to hire a certified arborist for simple tree removal - the answer is obvious - they are the experts!

When you hire a certified arborist, you are certain you are employing someone who will safely care for the trees on your property and will provide you with the best advice on how to move forward when you are not sure how to.

Stump grinding is easier on your time, muscle, and your pocket. Arborists use a machine to shred the stump. The tree's roots are left behind, and if you have a large stump, you will end up with a large chip pile. You can use these chips for mulch!


Always check for certification. You can find companies that have arborists, but their certification is not up to date. You are always safer when you ensure the arborist you choose is certified. A certified arborist takes pride in their work and is committed to progressing in the industry. They are more likely to have your best interest in mind and be honest when recommending what services would be right for your needs.


Using the proper equipment is a very important part of any tree care job. The wrong equipment will damage your tree, especially when pruning.


You always want to hire a crew that will follow all industry safety standards. Find out what safety standards they follow. They should be following OSHA standards for safety, and all crew members should wear hard hats, eye and ear protection, chainsaw chaps, and any other necessary safety gear required for the job. This ensures that everyone is protected, and there is less chance of an injury taking place on your property.

With these tips and questions, you can find the right tree trimming service for your needs. Here at Evergreen Tree Services, we have ticked all the boxes. Our certified arborists are waiting to help you with all your tree care needs.