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Are you unhappy with the appearance of your landscape? Are you finding it hard to find time to do landscape maintenance yourself? Properties of any size and shape have the potential to look beautiful. A little landscape maintenance can not only beautify your property, but it can also enhance your property’s value and improve safety for yourself and visitors.

At Evergreen Tree Services, we offer landscape maintenance for both residential and commercial properties of any shape and size. We even have certified arborists on our Portland landscaping staff who can oversee your project. They can ensure the right types of trees and plants are chosen. As well as ensure that they are planted and cared for in the proper ways.

Professional Landscaping Services

Some of the above services often overlap. For example, our flower maintenance services can include mulching or the use of wood chips. Likewise, wood chips can be used within our tree maintenance services, for shrub maintenance, and flower maintenance.

Experienced Professionals Providing Landscape Maintenance Services

All of our Portland lawn maintenance and tree care staff are experienced and knowledgeable about the type of care each tree and planting requires to stay healthy. In addition to tree care and removal, our landscape maintenance service provides a comprehensive approach that includes yard work, lawn care, mowing, weeding, edging, tree management, and pruning.

When you choose Evergreen Tree Services for your landscaping needs, the first step is forming a maintenance plan. This plan is created specifically based on the needs of your outdoor space, the existing plants, as well as any additional plants you want us to provide. We listen to our customers and take note of their outlook for the space, and then we create a plan as we provide recommendations based on our expertise that you may not have considered. We will clearly indicate the services necessary and the schedule for them to be completed to ensure the best results for your outdoor space.

Our specialized landscape maintenance team can arrive on a set schedule to maintain fertilization, mulch, pruning, and spray for pesticides if necessary. If you are concerned about the exterior of your home or business, we can also provide you with leaf raking and gutter cleaning services. All our services are provided in the most sustainable ways.

To make an appointment for a Portland area landscape maintenance service or to learn more, call Evergreen Tree Services at (503) 625-4595 for a free quote.

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