Tips to Find a Good Evergreen Tree Service

Trees are a great addition to your property for a number of reasons. They create shade, add privacy and improve aesthetics, all while adding their very own sets of benefits to the environment. While they are beautiful and beneficial, they have their times when they can be a problem. For example, a dying tree can be a safety hazard, and a tree with a root system that is growing into your septic tank can be a huge and expensive problem. You have to pay attention to your trees so you can know when to call Evergreen Tree Services.

Sometimes you have to get the professionals to come in and inspect your trees. But what do you look out for? When do you know when to make the call ?

  • Trees thinning at the crown
  • Discolored leaves
  • Fungal growths on the main trunk and roots
  • Roots that are pulled loose
  • Fallen or dead branches more than 2” in diameter
  • Vertical cracks deep into the opposite sides of the main trunk
  • Wood-boring insects
  • Sawdust on the trunk
  • A leaning trunk
  • An unbalanced branch canopy
  • Deposits on leaves, limbs, and bark
  • Other unusual deformations

If you have a tree or trees on your property that must be removed, you should have a professional do the job. This is a dangerous job that must be done by someone knowledgeable. There are a lot of companies out there advertising tree cutting services and tree care services, but you have to be careful when choosing a tree service provider. Here are some things to consider:


The more experience an evergreen tree services company has the more likely they are to do a good job. Especially when it relates to tree removal.


The national average cost for cutting down a tree is $433. The average range runs from $400 to $900, but the least you can expect to pay is $154. For larger, more expensive jobs, you can expect to pay $2000.

Cost by Tree Size

One of the biggest things that impact the cost of tree removal and care is the height of the tree. While you can get a general quotation based on your tree size, there are other things that affect the cost. This is why you will see price variations within a particular size classification. So if you have a tree with a difficult trunk or that is in an area where it is inaccessible, this can cost more than standard trees of the same size.

Why are Tree Care Costs so High?

Tree care costs are high due to the many hazards that are related to the job. There is also a lot of specialized equipment and skills that are required for tree care jobs.

Check Qualifications

Always check the qualifications for any service provider that you will be using. Also, check out what kind of tools they use or types of techniques they used to ensure that they are safe and recommended for your tree’s needs.

Check Reviews

Reviews are a great way to learn about a company and its services. Check the internet for third-party reviews, not on their website. These are more likely to be more authentic. If you are finding a lot of indifferent or negative reviews, you should count these as red flags.

Insurance is Necessary

When hiring a tree service company, you want to be sure that you check for insurance. This is important in the event that your property is damaged or someone is injured. If the provider does not have insurance. You could be on the hook for the related fees. So you definitely want to choose a company with insurance.

Additional Services & How They Affect Cost

Another factor that weighs on your cost is if you have additional service that will need to be done. Do you want a tree removal? If yes, will you want the company to take the tree parts away when they have completed the job? These are different jobs, so you have to consider this. If they will need to clear land to get to your tree, this is also an additional service. So there are so many things that can affect the total cost of the service you require. You can always get a free estimate from us to have some idea of what is necessary to get your job done.

Removing a tree is a big job, you want to choose a company that is reputable, so you can protect yourself, your property, and your investment. You can’t go wrong when you choose Evergreen Tree Services.