How To Find A Good Tree Care Service

Certified Arborists are Equipped Properly for the Task

Why would anybody need to hire a tree care service? To get your landscaping looking like the image above! While most people only consider a tree care service when their trees and plants are looking sick or need to be trimmed or removed, these are not the only services that tree care providers offer. They can help you plant trees and take care of your healthy trees to maintain aesthetically pleasing landscaping that adds to your property value. They may also be necessary for emergency situations, such as after a storm. Working with trees takes certain equipment, and it takes time and a lot of expertise. The individual has to be experienced with avoiding injury to themselves and others, while also avoiding damage to the property. But what should you look for when trying to find a good tree service provider?

10 Things to Look For in a Tree Service Provider

Certified Arborists are Equipped Properly for the Task

There are many companies out there and standalone providers offering tree care services. Use this list to guide you in choosing the best one, so you can get your trees the professional help they need to look and grow their healthiest. If you are in Portland and the surrounding regions, you don't need to search any further, just contact Evergreen Tree Services and receive the specialized tree care you need. If you are not in the Portland area or you still unsure, keep reading to find out how you can go about picking the right tree care provider for your job.

  1. Insurance
    This is one of the more important things to check for when considering a service provider. You want them to have liability insurance for coverage of any potential damage done on your property. You also need them to have worker’s compensation insurance in case any employees sustain any injuries while working on your property. These will protect you by removing the liability in the event of an accident, injury, or damage while the tree service provider is at work.
  2. Licensure
    The company should be licensed and the license should be up to date. If it is not, they are operating illegally, and you should not be working with them or having them work for you.
  3. Credentials
    Consider any special training the company employees have gone through. Some more popular and reputable options include:
    • ISA Certified
    • CPR and AED Trained
    • Climber Safety Certified
    • Emergency Aerial Rescue Certified
    • Powerline Safety Certified
  4. Referrals
    Get referrals as much as possible and from different sources to ensure they are unbiased. Everyone is online nowadays, so it shouldn't be hard for you to find some referrals. If you are having trouble finding any previous customers talking about the business, this may be a red flag, or it could be that the business is still in its youth.
  5. Get Estimates
    Always get an estimate and look at how detailed they are with what they provide. An estimate can say a lot about a company. The same level of detail they put into providing you with detailed service vs price information is probably the same level or quality of work they will provide while working on your property.
  6. Service Comparison
    With the estimates you collected above, compare the different services in your area to see which one will give you the best bang for your buck. This is another important reason estimates should be detailed. You don't want an estimate with one price, only to find out later that there are other “services" that are necessary to complete the work, each one separately priced. Some providers do this, so be careful.
  7. Equipment
    One of the main reasons you hire a professional outside of their expertise is that they have the right equipment and tools for every tree care job. With that said, you should still make yourself familiar with the equipment necessary for your job and ask if they have these available. You want the job done properly, and you want your property not to be damaged. So don’t be afraid to ask the questions. A good service provider should not even hesitate to answer.
  8. Employee Training

    Ask about the company employees and their backgrounds in the tree care industry. You want to choose the provider with the best employees and the most knowledgeable staff.
  9. On the Job Safety
    The Occupational Health and Safety Administration has guides for how providers should act on a job site. They also mandate the type of gear to wear and the equipment necessary to ensure safety on the job site.
  10. Time
    How fast can a company get to the job site if you have an emergency? Be sure to ask about their working hours and response time in emergency situations.

Questions to Ask a Tree Service Provider

Questions to Ask a Tree Service Provider

Aside from the considerations above, here are some questions you can ask the service provider that you are considering:

How Long Have You Been in Business?

You don’t want a young company to ruin your property. So even if the company is young, you still want to ask about the employees as well. How many years of experience do they have? If you can’t get this information, then you should opt to work with a company that has been around for more than two years. While that is still a young company, chances are they will have employees with more experience.

Do You Employ Certified Arborists?

You don't want to hire a company that subcontracts their arborists. You want the arborist to be on staff so your job can be done in a quicker time frame. This also helps them to be more responsive if you have an emergency situation.

How Will You Minimize Potential Damage to My Yard?

A good tree service provider will not hesitate to answer this question right away. Your property is very important, and protecting them is an important part of the job. If they don't have much to say, this could be a red flag.

What Equipment Will You Be Using?

A reputable tree care company should have all the necessary tools to complete whatever your tree care job requires. They shouldn't have just any equipment, but they should instead have OSHA-certified equipment. This should include machinery and safety gear.

Steps for Hiring a Tree Service Provider

Now that we have covered all the things to consider and questions to ask, you know what you are getting into when you start looking for a tree care service provider. Here is a recap of what you need to do in a step-by-step manner to get you from seeking a service provider to having a healthy and well-manicured landscape.

  1. Do Your Homework
    Using the above considerations and questions, do your homework on all the companies that are available in your area.
  2. Estimates in Hand
    Get physical copies of estimates. It will be handy to have these for comparison reasons.
  3. Make your Choice
    Now it's down to making your choice after comparing your estimate and seeing what will work the best for your needs.

Do you need a tree care service? Contact us and see how we can help. We would love to hear from you.