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Evergreen Tree Services offers quality and affordable tree removal service in Sherwood, OR. With decades of experience in the tree service industry, we provide safe, reliable tree removal services for residential and commercial properties in the greater Oregon area.

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Why Tree Removal is Sometimes Necessary

Tree removals are not always the first option for tree care, but in some cases, they are necessary to protect properties and ensure public safety. Here are some reasons why tree removal may be necessary:

Dying or Dead Trees

If you have a dying or dead tree, removing it as soon as possible is essential. Dead and dying trees pose safety risks as limbs or the entire tree could fall anytime. Removing dead or dying trees protects your home or business from damage and eliminates the risk of injury.

Disease and Pests

Trees infested with insects, fungi, or other pests can endanger the health of nearby trees. Tree diseases like oak wilt and pests like emerald ash borer can spread quickly through your landscape. Removing infected trees controls disease spread and prevents further damage.



Storm Damage

Strong winds and storms can cause extensive damage to trees. Storm-damaged trees with broken limbs or trunks should be removed to prevent injury or property damage from falling branches. Proper tree removal promotes safety after severe weather.

Overgrown Trees

A healthy tree with overgrown branches can block sunlight and stunt plant growth. It can also interfere with utility lines, causing power outages. Removing overgrown trees also improves curb appeal and ensures proper growth of surrounding plants.

Infrastructure and Construction

Tree removal is often required for new construction projects. Evergreen Tree Services provides tree removal services to make way for building homes, businesses, and infrastructure like roads and sidewalks.

As the leading Portland tree removal service, you can count on our team of certified experts to provide safe, efficient, and affordable tree removal services.

Our Systematic Approach to Tree Removal

Evergreen Tree Services adheres to industry best practices and safety standards to remove trees effectively. Here is an overview of our tree removal process:

Site Evaluation

We visually inspect the work site and identify hazards or obstacles like power lines. It helps us determine the best action and take adequate safety precautions.

Tree Removal Estimate

After evaluating the site, we provide you with a detailed estimate outlining the work scope, cost, and timeline. We ensure transparency in our pricing and communicate any changes throughout the process.

Equipment Selection

We choose the appropriate equipment for the job based on the tree’s location, size, and condition. Our fleet includes bucket trucks, cranes, chainsaws, and more.

Site Preparation

Our team prepares the work area by removing obstacles and setting up safety equipment like cones and caution tape. We also check our equipment to ensure it is in good working condition.

Tree Cutting

Using proper tree trimming, pruning, and cutting techniques, we disassemble the tree in sections, starting at the top. We may also use rigging techniques to safely lower large branches and sections of the tree to the ground.

Debris Removal

We clean up the site by removing debris and chipping branches. We also offer tree stump grinding services to remove any remaining parts of the tree.

Final Inspection

Before leaving, we inspect the work area to ensure it is safe and clean. We also follow up to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

Our tree maintenance and removal services in Sherwood are not limited to tree removal. We also offer tree trimming, pruning, and more to keep your trees lush and healthy all year long.

Hazardous Tree Removal Services

Hazardous tree removals require extra care and expertise. Our team at Evergreen Tree Services removes hazardous trees without endangering anyone’s safety. We also provide emergency tree removal services for fallen or damaged trees.

We are one of the few tree removal companies in Oregon with decades of experience in hazardous tree removals. No job is too dangerous or complex for our crew. We take every precaution to remove hazardous trees without harming property or lives. Trust Evergreen Tree Services for your hazardous tree removal needs.

Why Choose Evergreen Tree Services

Evergreen Tree Services is the premier choice for tree removal in Sherwood, OR. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition:

  • ISA Certified Arborists: Our arborists hold certifications from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), proving their advanced technical tree knowledge.
  • Advanced Equipment: We use the best commercial-grade equipment like lifts, stump grinders, chainsaws, and chippers to facilitate smooth removal.
  • Complete Tree Care Services: Beyond removal, we offer pruning, trimming, lot clearing, and any other tree service you need. Rely on us for all your tree maintenance needs.
  • Strict Safety Standards: We maintain rigorous certified safety training and follow all industry best practices for tree removals.
  • Affordable Tree Services: Our rates are some of the best in the local tree service industry. Receive upfront estimates and special offers for affordable pricing tailored to your unique needs.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Our exceptional staff provides five-star service from first quote through cleanup. Read our glowing customer reviews to see for yourself.
  • All Tree Species Removal: We have the experience and equipment to remove any tree species from pine and fir trees to hemlock and alder trees.

Whether you have a dying tree, an overgrown tree, or a hazardous tree needing removal, Evergreen Tree Services is here to help.

Count on Evergreen Tree Services for Safe, Efficient, and Affordable Tree Removal Service

Your search for top-rated tree service companies near me ends with Evergreen Tree Services. Count on us for safe, efficient, and affordable tree removal services in Sherwood and the greater Portland area.

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