Had to take down a near 100 ft. doug fir in our backyard, tight to our home and our neighbor's. Their skill and expertise at doing so was impressive to watch. They had the right gear, the right knowledge, and the right crew. Really happy I chose them. Fair price, quality service. Professional and organized throughout. Strong recommend.
Stockton Family Avatar
Stockton Family
They did a great job for a good price.
Gabriel Biello Avatar
Gabriel Biello
They worked on my house cutting trees and cleaned up the thier mess. My trees were small to medium size. When it was all complete the team did an outstanding job. Thank you Evergreen Tree Services. Don
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Don Marvin Avatar
Don Marvin
I use evergreen for pruning and tree removal their prices are reasonable and always do a fantastic job the person who came out to give a free estimate was kind and courteous. The workers are efficient and great with cleanup after the job! A+. I will always hire Evergreen for any tree service or clean up job.
T Rex Avatar
T Rex
Evergreen Tree service came out and trimmed up and removed many broken and hanging branches from a walnut, 3 cherry trees, several maples and several other trees. These were big (40 years old). They also trimmed broken and dead wood from a fir and another big leafed maple. These two trees were very mature when my family moved here in 1959 so they were huge. Eddie and every one of his crew were professional, friendly and hard working. Everywhere they worked was cleaner than when they started. The price for all this work was very reasonable. There is more work to be done in the future and I will be calling for them to do it.
patsy hammond Avatar
patsy hammond
I had an absolute amazing experience with this company. I had a large tree removed and the company who removed the tree wouldn’t remove the stump. I called Evergreen Tree Services and they had someone come out and give me a quote for stump removal. It was a very fair price, they’re super friendly, prompt, hard working, and overall good people. Myra, August, and Larry are a few people I have been in direct contact with and they’re just fantastic. I had to call a lot to coordinate a lot of the work, but they were always very kind, understanding, and responsive. I really appreciated this company for their honesty and commitment to truly serve their customers. Even when I’m overwhelmed by the work of this stump removal, they are just so reassuring and helpful. I still have a long road ahead with this stump removal, but I am confident that it will be where we need it to be with the help of Evergreen Tree Services. I will definitely use their services in the future if the need arises!
Shelby Garbett Avatar
Shelby Garbett
We very pleased with Evergreen. Diane was amazing - great customer service, friendly, professional and a wealth of knowledge. She immediately put my mind at ease during a very stressful time after the ice storm. The crew that came out and did the work were friendly and efficient as well. Highly recommend them!
Kristin Staver-Reichard Avatar
Kristin Staver-Reichard
I have an issue with a maple tree and wanted an arborist to evaluate the situation. Diana arrived on time. Told me what I needed to know about the maple and without asking she checked over about 6 evergreens and warned me about 3 widow makers that I had not noticed.. I fully expected to pay for her time and professional services. She declined and said give them a call if I wanted the work done. I thought I would do the trimming myself but the maple is close to the house, my ladder is too short and it's a little starry up there.
John Noll Avatar
John Noll
OMG these guys; Sam, Miguel, Cisco and their foreman Little Guy Eddie(Ha, Ha over 6 ft.) were awesome. While pruning a neighbors tree, I asked for an estimate for removal of 5 Arborvitae. It was reasonable and they came and did it on the spot. And cleaned up everything. Thank you so much.
Jan Shuler Avatar
Jan Shuler
These folks are fantastic! Professional, friendly, efficient! The staff, estimator, and arborists are great. I would hire them again in a heartbeat. You should, too.
Cyborg Goat Avatar
Cyborg Goat
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